Having always had a fascination with shipping I initially started my varied career within the industry 20 years ago as a humble tally clerk, whereupon I quickly progressed to Supervisor.

After a brief stint in tally & logistics I was offered a ships agency position in the Port of Saldanha Bay. Very soon after this I headed up the opening of our Cape Town branch, catering to a wide variety of vessel’s and different cargos.  

Between years 2008 and 2009 I volunteered to assist our East Coast branches, Durban and Richards Bay, and frequently spent time traveling between these ports, gaining experience in a diverse range of bulk, break-bulk & liquid cargos as well as dealing with the different TNPA & TPT terminals (which is a challenge on its own!).

In late 2009 I returned back to the Port of Saldanha Bay where I was promptly promoted to Senior Ships Agent and spent several years in that position, still supporting Richards Bay & Durban operations, before being promoted to Operations Manager in 2012, overseeing other Senior Agents and ensuring that our Client’s expectations were met to the highest standard. Of note is that I also managed our sub-agents in Namibia (Walvis Bay & Luderitz) via that position.

Having then spent five+ years in managerial & operational oversight I decided to pursue Surveying as a full time occupation and left Ships Agency completely in 2018 in order to pursue this passion.

I then spent the following years being under active apprenticeship to a well-respected Master Mariner, who assisted me greatly by gaining the practical background needed to become a full time Marine Surveyor, of note is that I have assisted in over a hundred surveys, with a large proportion of them as the sole independent surveyor. After gaining the relevant practical experience I cemented my role by completing my Advanced Diploma in Marine Surveying, with a distinction in Cargo Surveying and further accreditation in Draught Surveying from the Lloyd’s Maritime Institute.

I was taught to be extremely systematic, analyzing each survey to the fullest extent, and not to take any short cuts. This being said, I always have the Client’s interest at heart and when performing my surveys endeavor to so with as little to no interruption to commercial interests.